Mars Foodservices is a division of Mars, Incorporated that specialises in meeting the needs of the Australian Food industry.

Mars Foodservices strives to deliver inspiring solutions that combine superior taste and performance, with ease of preparation.

Our Foodservices division manufactures a diverse range of trusted herbs & spices, sauces, mayonnaises, mustards, dressings, and other condiments suitable for any professional food business Australia wide.

With more than 96% of our products developed, tested, and manufactured locally, they not only get to the kitchen with less distance, but are also tailored to the palate of the Australian consumer.

Let us help you get on with producing great food.


Now that's a tasty burger


Our Australian History – MasterFoods

In 1945, Henry Lewis created MasterFoods, a family owned and run business. Henry’s passion for food was infectious and he quickly popularised new foods and exciting flavours in Australia. We’re proud to be Australian born.

In I966, another family business, Mars Inc, one of the world’s leading food manufacturers took over the brand. Like Henry, Mars sees the power food has to make life better. This belief is the inspiration for the journey we’re still on today.

It inspires us to make healthier meals.  It’s why we are encouraging all Australians to make dinnertime matter. Families and friends getting together over food is proven to improve health and wellbeing. And it’s why we help people to create great tasting meals whether you have a lot of time or just a little.

We’ve also made a commitment to keep MasterFoods part of Mars Food Australia, at our Wyong base, 95km north of Sydney for generations to come, To give back to our local community, we mentor students at Wyong High, providing career opportunities to create the next generation in our business.


Our Kitchen

MasterFoods kitchen is much like yours, just a whole lot bigger. Mustards are made, sauces are simmered, marinades are stirred and gravies bubble away. There are wonderful aromas as herbs and spices, sourced from around the globe, are chopped and mixed with just the right amount of cooking to bring out all the beautiful flavours and tastes. Like you, we avoid stabilisers and preservatives. Then we taste test to ensure our products are really tasty packed with all the flavours you love.

“In our kitchen we pour purées and pastes into our mixers, we sprinkle in sugar and spices, we tip in chunky ingredients, we mix, cook and taste test them to ensure they’re just right.” Matt Edmunds